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Originally Posted by Riche16 View Post
Problem is it doesn't matter what you think (or anyone else not named Glenn ***-hole Sather for that matter).

There may be no way for Glenny to aquire who he "feels" is a #1C without moving a Dubi, or a Cally or a Grachev, Stepan, Kreider, et all.

Like I said I don't want any of them moved... unless it REALLY makes sense. But it's well out of our hands.
I agree but he has shown extreme restraint lately and that's something not to be overlooked. He hasn't made those types of deals.

Originally Posted by Garfinkel1 View Post
I love how everyone thinks the only time your a contender for the cup is if your the favorite from the start of the season...or even the favorite around playoff time... Let's just give the Stanley Cup to the President Trophy winner....

Now go ahead and throw your statistics at me. I doesn't change anything. Things don't happen the same every year. An 8th seed and 7th seed just played for who wins the east. What do your statistics say about the probability of that?
Oh boy Garfinkel, you're on your own with that one. I fought that fight during the playoffs. Go look up the thread titled "why you always try to make the playoffs.."

Just make sure Foxhound doesn't see. He might slit your throat.

I agree with you once you've made the playoffs. Which is why I think you always try. But I don't think that you can be naive and not view the team as a whole in comparison to their competition and try and gauge realistically where you are.

Originally Posted by Riche16 View Post
No one knows who... but Torts has stated as much right?
It doesn't matter. He's stating the obvious. That doesn't change the fact that there's really no one out there who we can acquire for a reasonable price. I'm still waiting for someone to name the guy who isn't Brad Richards.

So far we've got concussed Savard for the next seven years at over $4 million on the cap. Sorry, not trading Dubinsky for that.

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