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Originally Posted by robruckus View Post
Christensen is such a weird situation. It is odd to me how the detractors refuse to acknowledge how there were games last year where the kid looked incredible.
I mean, flying up the ice, making plays, getting the puck to the net.

I remember games last year where he was the best player on the ice and was creting scoring chances every shift.

Can we expect that from him for a whole season? I have no idea.

But the one thing I think people are underestimating with him is a sense of confidence.

For a kid who had so much promise early in his career and to get bounced around and really struggle everywhere he went, I think it was super rough on him mentally.

Last year we gave him a shot. We brought him back from the dead. He's only 26. And as I said he showed some great flashes last season.

Is he a part of the core going forward? probably not. But it would not surprise me for Erik to have a really good year.

Don't underestimate the importance of confidence in your abilities.
I totally agree, I dont think that he is a first line center by any stretch of the imagination, but he certainly has the skills to be a second liner or boarderline first liner he just needs to put everything together and gain more confidence. He has all the skill he needs if he can just put it together he could be a force on the ice, he showed flashes of it last season and I think he will be able to put it all together this season. I dont like Torts but I think that he knows how to squeeze the potential out of someone willing to let him do the squeezing, and EC can definately be a great example of that.

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