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07-29-2010, 06:08 PM
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Originally Posted by FlyingKostitsyn View Post
I disagree. Look at what the elite goalies accomplished last year. Also look at recent cup winners : Marc Andre Fleury elite? Giguere elite?? Cam Ward elite??? Niemi elite???? OSGOOD? You have to go back to pre-lockout era from 2000 to 2003 to find elite goalies winning (Roy, Hasek and Brodeur in succession). You don't need an elite goalie, you need a good goalie in the middle of a hot streak.

A 70pt two way center is much harder to find than a good goalie (and we still have one anyways). I also think its just as likely that Halak stays an elite goalie than Eller becomes a 70+pt first line center. 70pts is a lot btw, I'll be thrilled if he consistantly produces 50 to 60pts.
Yeah people don't realize it, and a year ago I didn't either but 70 points in the NHL is alot. Its really something, a great feat, that every team looks for. 70-80 points from Eller, and he would be our star center we've been looking for. A two way center, with his speed, work ethic, etc.... is really hard to come by, and he has alot of potential.

70 points is almost a ppg player, and odds are you watch a game the odds are good You'll see Eller on the score sheet. Thats how good a 70 point player is, they are rare, and very excellent to have in your group.

People wanted a miracle in exchange for Halak, like a 100 point player, etc... Not too long ago Halak was playing back up, and he had 1 great year. He is a good goalie, Im not taking that from him, I think he has the ability to get 40 wins in the NHL, but I do not think he is an elite goalie by any stretch of the word.

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