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Originally Posted by CrimsonSkorpion View Post
Book this ;

In a few years, after Martin is gone, the Habs will bring in Roy as the new head coach. Then for the first time in a very long time, Tremblay and Roy will meet face to face. After the Habs lose a game, Tremblay, with his smug look and all, will challenge Roy in an interview post-game.

Tremblay : "Obviously this team is lacking something, maybe direction. What do you think you need to do to get this team winning?"

Roy : "Hmm... Maybe leave my goaltender out to dry, get him mad and then trade him to a team and watch him win a Cup with his new team. How's that sound?"

Tremblay : "How dare you try to embarrass me in front of everyone watching at home and in front of all my colleagues."

Roy : "Sorry, what? I couldn't hear you with these two Stanley Cup rings in my ears."

Tremblay : "wow...two whole rings...I'll up that with my 5 rings and 4 straight cups from 76-79."

I know some of you high school kids know nothing about Tremblay, but in the 1975-1979 run, he - Risebrough and Lambert were just a fantastic fourth line. (Look at what we try to piece together now). I'm sure you would like to know in game 7 of the semi finals against Boston (you know...the too many men on the ice game) that he was the player who make the perfect rush up the wing and cross ice pass to Lambert for the winner in OT.

Also some of you didn't know that he was forced to retire due to a skin rash from his uniform. He played his last 2 years in a lot of pain. He was a true Canadien through and through. I'd like to see some of you amateurs line up on left wing and go up against him. You'd last maybe one shift.

You children who bash Gainey/Houle have absolutely NO idea what they did for the franchise in their playing days. Yeah, we can debate what they accomplished off the ice and even be critical, but some of you children need to go back and study your Canadien history. Start with Dryden's The Game. You guys make me sick.

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