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07-29-2010, 09:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Fergy22 View Post
Tremblay : "wow...two whole rings...I'll up that with my 5 rings and 4 straight cups from 76-79."
Well played, Sir. Well played.

Originally Posted by Fergy22 View Post
I know some of you high school kids know nothing about Tremblay, but in the 1975-1979 run, he - Risebrough and Lambert were just a fantastic fourth line. (Look at what we try to piece together now). I'm sure you would like to know in game 7 of the semi finals against Boston (you know...the too many men on the ice game) that he was the player who make the perfect rush up the wing and cross ice pass to Lambert for the winner in OT.
High school kids? I'm about 6 years past that now but that's beyond the point. No I had no idea of that Game 7 game. I've only watched the entire game on DVD about a dozen times, but you're right, I am clueless. From what I remember, he was just a coach that ran this franchise into the ground. Oh my.

Originally Posted by Fergy22 View Post
I'd like to see some of you amateurs line up on left wing and go up against him. You'd last maybe one shift.
I never did claim I would, did I? I must go check my thousands of posts on these boards and find out when I said this. Hmm well I guess we can make pointless comments like that at some point or another.

Originally Posted by Fergy22 View Post
You children who bash Gainey/Houle have absolutely NO idea what they did for the franchise in their playing days. Yeah, we can debate what they accomplished off the ice and even be critical, but some of you children need to go back and study your Canadien history. Start with Dryden's The Game. You guys make me sick.
Where... oh where, did I bash anything? I put a because I was cracking a joke. Whether you found it funny or stupid is really beyond the point. You took my post and you turned it into a bashing to fulfil your own personal agenda. For that, Sir, do not pass go. Do not collect the $200 and go directly to jail.

Oh and one last thing, I'm anything short of knowledge on the history of the Canadiens. I've spent the entirety of my childhood being taught everything by my father, who was a die-hard Habs fan. I continued my life, adding to the knowledge by watching hours of footage of the players over the span of the history, their lives, and the history of the team in terms of their record, their achievements and their downfalls.

Thanks for playing and good night.

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