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07-29-2010, 10:00 PM
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Originally Posted by coolasprICE View Post
I agree. It's an entire mess across the board, and all are part of the driving force...
And yet....that's all I wanted to say. They ALL were the driving force behind it. Not solely him despite you calling him THE driving force....Pretty sure I discredited Tremblay in my posts by calling him stupid. If you are not bright enough to know who your key players are and who on your team has to be treated in a different way but mostly that you have to respect your players, well being stupid DOES NOT constitute a defense for the guy....But was just trying to demonstrate he alone didn't play the only and key role in all that fiasco. And seems that finally you are saying the same thing I said.

That's it. That's all.

Originally Posted by Ncrdrg View Post
Some of you really need to cool down.
Tremblay was a rookie with a hot temper and I hate him for it and never want him anywhere near the Habs.
However, it's well-known that Corey is the one who messed it up by hiring former Habs who weren't prepared for it.

Those two, Houle and Tremblay are still die-hard Habs. They just couldn't do the job. Don't hate Tremblay the person/player for what he did as a coach. Same thing for Houle.
Yet, if you can't do the job, you have to bright enough to recognize it and surround yourself with better people. They didn't do that or didn't use it properly. But true that Corey was dumb for going in that direction as well.

But it doesn't take a whole lot of QI to believe that you don't show a lack of respect to any of your players but especially not a guy like Roy.

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