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Originally Posted by FF de Mars View Post
True. I still hate him from the Roy fiasco. He handled the situation with the ego of a primadona, of a little princess, yet he was a grinder both as a coach and as a player. I wish Ronald Corey had fired him on the spot, hired a new coach, and kept Roy. I'll never forget !
Yea let the kiss the feet of Sa Magestée Roy while we're at it.

Tremblay was in radio before becoming coach of the Habs and he was hearing all the stuff about Roy from everybody, how Roy would do what he wanted and so forth. At that point, the fans were tired of Roy, his teamates were tired of Roy, the press was tired of Roy, but more importantly the old Habs legends couldn't stand him. Roy was almost the Barry Bonds of the Habs. Tremblay was hearing all the behind-the-scene stuff and kept thinking "this would never happen when we were playing" and in his head he was chumping at the bit to go in there fix this situation. His philosophy was the team before the indidual. So when he was named coach it was like sending a mad french peasant in a room full of rich artistocrats. There would be a slaughter. So Roy vs Mario was bound to happen. And it did.

I think he was the wrong guy at the wrong time. But more importantly if Serge Savard would have been there instead of Peanutt as GM, this situation would have never reach the heights that it did. Savard was a calm guy that imposed respect. Peanutt was a nervous mad that was way over his head. I think Houle panicked, Tremblay, the rookie coach panicked, Roy, the little prince, panicked and nobody was there to defuse the situation. It was handled horribly.

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