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Originally Posted by HarryI View Post
You fail to mention how the YES network is owned by the Yankees (Yankees Entertainment and Sports Network) so they do have a say in who they hire because they own the station. RDS is owned by CTV Globemedia and not by the Habs so no the Habs do not have a say in who RDS hires.
Listen, look, read, etc : They are "partners" and are "affiliated". The fact that RDS would hire Tremblay is a reflection of the Canadiens organization. Patrick ****ing Roy use to play for the Canadiens. He was a cup winner in 1993 and in 1995, the same year we lost him. The habs have been KA KA ever since. So let's hire the **** - ing coach that was the reason for his departure (Ya, I know, he didn't hire himself , not his fault he was dumb etc. etc.).

At least if we are to hire Tremblay it should be when the team is a legitimate contender, top of the league. Until then the scars are still open and bringing Tremblay is putting vinegar on it all.

You will see how it's going to feel if the Habs struggle next season and we are looking at Tremblay's face every night. Maybe the kids born in the mid late 90's won't care, but I sure will... and specifically my generation will - the ones that are too young to remember Tremblay's playing years but old enough to remember his coaching years.

If the Habs organization carried itself with the same level of professionalism and esteem as the Yankees than jokes like Brunet and Tremblay would never exist because RDS would never get away with that and the fan base would know better.

Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
And yet....that's all I wanted to say. They ALL were the driving force behind it. Not solely him despite you calling him THE driving force....Pretty sure I discredited Tremblay in my posts by calling him stupid. If you are not bright enough to know who your key players are and who on your team has to be treated in a different way but mostly that you have to respect your players, well being stupid DOES NOT constitute a defense for the guy....But was just trying to demonstrate he alone didn't play the only and key role in all that fiasco. And seems that finally you are saying the same thing I said.

That's it. That's all.
But he was the THE driving force. You can have other drivers and still be THE driving force. Roy's departure was a direct result of Tremblay's stupidity. Tremblay's hiring was a direct result of Corey's and Houle's stupidity. All our responsible, but if we want to single out the one event, it all falls on the hands of RDS's new analyst.

I'd love if Tremblay were to give an interview one day and apologize to us fans. Perhaps he should do this during the 1st period of the 1st game this season.

Originally Posted by Kimota View Post
Well we had the guy that helped us win the cup for a while on RDS and he was a bumbling boffoon. All it matters is if you're good on tv.
I love Demers. He was the coach behind our last stanley cup. I'm willing to accept his speech impediments or what have you.

When I see Demers I feel pride. When I see Tremblay I feel disgust.

Originally Posted by macavoy View Post
Yea but if Roy is still on the team and you make ALL of the above mistakes, you still have a chance at a cup.

Although we can never prove this, we certainly could say that the AVS do not win in 1995. Having our superstar 2 cup winner franchise goalie leave and win a cup the same year for the new team is the biggest slap in the face a fan can ever have.

But, oh, "I'm living in the past" , we should all kiss the ground that this Tremblay walks on!!!!!!

Hab fans are becoming FRIGHTENINGLY pathetic. Maybe we should blame the Molson girls? Or Youppi? The "Brunet Effect"?

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