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Originally Posted by beavboyz View Post
Hey, I know a lot of people want to know how to improve their speed and stamina during the off season. I wanted to write about it on my blog and I know a thing or two about it, but I am no expert. Luckily my friend Jeremy Weiss knows a lot about conditioning for hockey and runs his own online hockey conditioning program.

He was kind enough to write an article for my blog called how to improve hockey speed

He focused on

The three main off-ice components, which are:
  1. Leg Strength
  2. Explosiveness
  3. Agility and foot speed

He also included a bunch of videos, here is one of them

I hope that helps anyone who is looking to improve there speed. You can also check out his S3 formula if you are looking for a complete workout for hockey.

Also, what workouts or exercises have you found that actually worked to improve your speed?
i made up something similar to that about 20 yrs ago when i played jr. but i jumped in a "V"shape
start in the middle. jumpe with both feet to the left, than backwards to the middle, then to the right then backwards to the middle again. do that for a minute . rest . repeat
then i jumped with both feet SIDEWAYS over a milk crate. back and forth for a minute. after that gets easy start doing it with 10 lbs in each hand.
i was (and still am ) one of the faster skaters in my age group.

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