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Originally Posted by 94now View Post
Frolov's story in LA was a carbon copy of Zherdev story in NY. The desire to screw the talented player on last contract year or before RFA in terms of lowering his numbers is so prevalent, that it could go over the team interests. That is why at Slats directive Torts abused Z in last half of the season to sell it to fans and the media as if the guy is not good enough, which was a part of the plan. All team managements in NHL know that and they sorta conspire against the player. They know that they may be in the same situation with their own guy at some point in time. That is why no one offer Z job in NHL last year (being out of cap money also helped that cause). The difference with Frolov was that Alex realized it fully and instead of heading to KHL agreed to discount with NYR just to break that "conspiracy". In return Rangers promised him not to impede his success and help him if he helps them.
Therefore he will play with Gabo even if they do not fit together and the Board will be screaming and yelling at Torts to move him.
Ooo those are some intriguing machinations.

Got anything else, you know, besides conjecture?

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