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10-02-2003, 11:47 AM
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This debate isn't going to find an end until something happens in the trade department. Then we'll know where Legwand stands in comparison to Comrie, especially if there are rumblings Lowe has talked to Poile.

As far as FacelessButcher goes with his comment that the Oilers won't be giving up someone as talented as Rita, think again. If, big if here, the Oilers could work out such a deal they'd be stupid to hold onto Rita. As of last time I checked, he again wasn't going to make this team. We have Hemsky, Dvorak and Laraque down the right side with Pisani taking his old position on the RPM line. No room there.

Left side you have Smyth, Isbister, Torres and Moreau, so no room there also. Maybe we can keep Rita up in Edmonton until he does turn the corner, like Horcoff did. One problem is that we kind of lack a solid centre, and giving up a guy who very well might score 30 goals in the league is tough to swallow, getting someone like Legwand who fills the needs of the team as well as the fact he's a prototypical Oiler, can't be overlooked.

Nashville would probably need a little more to sweeten this pot, and I wouldn't be afraid to cough up one more player if it took it. All we have to do is worry about ourselves, and if Legwand can play I really don't care how Comrie plays elsewhere. I can honestly say I'll be more pissed about getting crap than I will be seeing Comrie play great elsewhere.

Look at our roster and the whole is down the middle. I don't think Stoll could do what Comrie does, and definately not what Legwand does. Chimera interests me, but really, the guy is right now looking at playing 50-65 games on our 3rd and 4th lines for the season. Either one I'd be willing to bite the bullet on and see them leave if it meant a guy like Legwand.

I don't want to see another season of no playoffs - make a deal, and make a good one.

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