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07-30-2010, 12:51 PM
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Matts Sundin to Montreal e5

I believe a deal could get done between Montreal and another team but I don't think the deal would includ price. I do beleive the reason we didnt announced Price's signature yet is because he's the last 1 to get signed in our RFA and that Gauthier wants to keep room in case a deal or a signature happens to then sign Price depending on how much money I have left. Something in the lines of either a 3-4 year deal at 3-3.2M/per or a 1-2 year deal at 2.5/per depending on the cap space left. If I was in Gauthiers place thats how I'd manage that. Price is not going anywhere, he's not on arbitration nor a UFA and we're still in July(well for 2 days at least hehe)

The other thing that makes me believe won't go anywhere is past 2 years we had the Halak/Price debate. You traded away 1 of them. Logic is you keep the other 1.

Many RFAs are not signed yet. It's a total normal situation. Y rush a contract signing when you know that at the end of the day something will come to agreement between both parties.

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