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Originally Posted by GmC View Post
I've been playing for a few years now and sometimes noticed that there are some offensive players who are better at protecting the puck more using their body.

Are there any visual cues that a defender gives off that some of you players pick up on and then react? Like direction a player comes from, watching for defender's stick/movements?

What are some things that can help me protect the puck more when skating with the puck up ice and into the offensive zone in terms of my own body positioning, ie using my leg/leaning on opposing player?
It's a feel thing, sometimes their body position forces you to lean into them. Other times, they're playing off you and to avoid sweep checks you kick out your leg or hold out your hand to block the sweep check. It really comes with time and practice.

The biggest thing to remember is to use your body to your advantage, make them have to go through you to get the puck... if it's a checking league, it's more difficult because they can go through you, so that's when you want to make them miss. Along the boards, stick out your ass it creates space.

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