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07-30-2010, 03:28 PM
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Originally Posted by lstcyr View Post
I thought you worked for the government in the military not the oil industry.
You left out the nuclear industry as well. We can't joke about the auto industry since the government owns 2/3 of major domestic producers now.

Hybrids improve fuel efficiency, but are still internal combustion engines. Using a Ford Fusion for comparison .. the base model starts around $20k while the hybrid version starts near $28k. The annual fuel savings is about $600 ... so over ten years for the consumer to save a dime from increased fuel efficiency.

The key phrase "responsibly develop the next generation of portable power production" ..... the gasoline based internal combustion engine came about because it beat out other options in the market place. Steam cars were around in the 1800s but are problematic. Pure electric still lack range and power not to mention that the electricity comes primarily from fossil fuel based facilities. At the same time, hybrids tend to be a bit weak and the gearing options are lacking.

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