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07-30-2010, 05:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Habs13 View Post
Sure he was. Who left Roy in nets during the worst game of his WHOLE NHL carrier, leading to Roy flipping out on the bench and demanding a trade? Houle made the craptastic trade but it was the coach that left him in the game, no?
Any freakin intelligent environment would have gone back to Roy and Tremblay, would have sit them together and put some sense into each and every one of them. Houle and Corey were intimidated by both of them. Any other would not have been, would have asked both guys to address the media to say that it went out of hand, but that they are moving forward.

Again, was that the worst out of respect move you have ever seen in somebody's career? It was bad. Yes it was, but enough to solely justify a freakin trade? No way. Unless.....there were something else which it didn't seem to be by Roy admission as well.

Sorry but as "awful" the gesture was, even the Roy gesture to talk to Corey which also was totally unprofessionnal, if I have a trade involving an ordinairy goalies and 2 bottom 6 forwards, I don't do the trade. I either do a better one or don't trade him at all.

This move was indeed the beginning of the downfall of this organization, even if you are trading the best goalie of all-time, it's often about who you receive.

Strangely, 'cause it doesn't serve their purpose, a lot of people are forgetting the treatement that Roy was already receiving prior to that day. Everybody knows for a fact that Savard was about to trade him for Fiset and Nolan prior to being fired.

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