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07-31-2010, 12:51 AM
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Originally Posted by xchrisx159 View Post
I have been GMing my ass off attempting to get this team younger but I think I got 2 good quality young players so far I am just looking to get Shelton some help.
I think I am on my way in a couple years just have to add some peaces (which I am working on)

Players I'm building around

Also have a question. Can either of these goalies turn into anything good or should I keep looking.
The first guy blows, trade him asap. Devlin will be a solid goalie in a season or two. Nothing special but definitely decent, maybe a 77-78 EPA when fully bloomed which is pretty solid especially for a 4.x league. The other guy sucks. Reflexes are the most important stat for a goalie. Ideally you want a goalie with 85+ reflexes and I dont think I would have a started with anything under 80. You also want sick, glove, left leg and right leg to all be solid, helps to have decent recovery and handling too but those 5 are the most important. You can have a 90 left leg, right leg, and stick but if you have a 30 glove you gonna let up a lot of goals. Take a look at my goalie... There is nothing that sticks out about him but everything is solid, no weakness really and hes had a ton of success over the last 4-5 seasons.

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