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07-31-2010, 08:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Placid View Post
Surely that is a false rumor ?

I mean, its bad to promise a person a spot on the roster (if he doesnt make the grade it will be detrimental to the team. Not saying that MZA has been promised this, but it is another rumor), but to promise what is essentially a spot on the first/second line would be absolute madness ? As a coach, that would be shooting yourself in the foot... with the biggest cannon you can find (unless you are talking, "we'll put you on that line for 2 games and see how it works").

While i both hope and believe that MZA will succeed in the NHL, the harsh match schedule and his small physical size are fair "pause" points for any doubters/critics. The more physical play would also likely take its toll over a loooong series.

While we'll get a fair view of what to expect in the first few games, only the latter half of the season will show how he can hold up (if he is still in a contender spot at that point).
Agreed - and the lineup posted basically had two players playing out of their best positions (MZA at LW, when he's a better RW from what we've heard + Dubi at RW, which I don't think he's ever played). Doesn't make sense. Unless MZA absolutely bombs in camp, I think it's a pretty safe bet that he's locked into the 2nd line RW spot for the first month or so at least.

As it stands now, the following seem to be the most likely forward combinations coming out of camp:




But then again, I still think Sather's got one big trade in him looking to upgrade the center position before he considers his offseason done. (And this makes me very nervous because I don't see any of the centers that folks have speculated on as anything more than short term fixes...)

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