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Faceoff tips :

Where the faceoff is located and looking what handed shot the opposing centerman is will help your strategy.

Over the course of the game, learn their tendances. Do they try to win it backhand or forehand ? Then negate their strategy.

If the ref keeps bouncing the puck or you are losing a lot of draws, stop trying to win it clean. Just make sure you hook their stick so they can;t touch the puck. Try to win it with your feet or have one of your wingers get to it. Better a puck battle than a clean win for the opposition.

In the neutral zone, I ask my winger on the side with the most open ice to go wide. Try to bat the puck towards him on my forehand. He picks up speed and tries to beat the D. Ideally do this when a slower bigger defenseman is on his side. Since the D will be standing still at the faceoff, you can easily beat him with speed.

In the offensive zone, If you are having trouble winning it back to your D, put an off handed winger on the goal side about 4 feet back from the hash marks. Try winning it to him for a one-time snap shot. If he is on his off wing he will have a very quick release before the goalie can see it.

You can also try having the boards winger be a few back on the hash marks. Win the faceoff to him for him to feed the far D for a one timer.

Remember on a scrambled draw, the winger closest to the boards should come help. The winger closest to the net should get open (off zone) or pick up his D (defensive zone). Make sure you tie up your center. If you lose the puck, don't lose the physical battle with him.

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