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10-02-2003, 12:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Ohio Jones
I'm very disappointed to see you say this, Messenger. While I agree that the Leafs (or some Leafs, rather) have earned a reputation as a bunch of whiners, they are not by-and-large a dirty team - just an undisciplined one... taking their cue from their coach.

To lump Wade Belak into that group, however, is a gross injustice. He is a tough guy, yes, playing a specific, long-established role, but he is not a dirty player, not a cheap-shot artist, and he does not mouth off at players, fans or officials. He is actually a very well-regarded young man, and you do him a disservice with your remark.

I stand correct or better yet ...let me explain...

Belak I agree should not be lumped in with the whiners as you say.., but my point is that as a Hockey player he is so limited in his skills both as a forward or as a Dman and IMO really should not be in the NHL but rather a career minor leaguer at best and now with the emergence of Perrott and the fact that the Leafs already have Domi and a very gritty team, that he is redundant and personally I love to see him on someone else team..

The second quote that should be kept individual from the Belak point was a shot at both the Radio station MOJO and references the SI article that claims that Leafs are the whiniest and least liked team in the league, and when the Leafs are on that kick,it is embarrassing to be a Leaf fan and associated with them and thus I associated with a radio station as P.I.F states that "sponsors plugging condoms and strip joints".

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