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Originally Posted by hockeyfreak7 View Post
With a traditional cut, the smaller the number, the more edge you have. You can turn on a dime easier and you can dig your edge into the ice more. This also, however means that you wont get as much glide because your edges will be further into the ice.

So usually you need to choose between a sharper cut for quicker turns, etc. or a shallower cut for more glide and speed.

With the FBV you dont have to sacrifice one for the other. It's not so much the "improved smoothness", it is more the fact that people can now have the best of both worlds.
but i thought i already had a pretty good compromise that i was happy with? sometimes more of everything isn't better?

i'm kinda tempted to try it though because i hear about it a lot, but at the same time...i've never been dissatisfied with my blades to begin with (other than lackluster sharpening jobs).

i am very curious about how different it feels, but i don't really see any advantage for me. i mean, any limits i find with my skating are because of lack of power/strength, etc. and by all accounts, if nothing else...i'm a very smooth, fluid skater. i feel like i'd have to be either a LOT heavier, regularly skating on poor ice, or ridiculously powerful to actually need to move away from a traditional hollow that i'm happy with.

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