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Originally Posted by JJimmyCarterC View Post
Not sure what you mean by this. I usually will take draws sliding my top hand down the stick (choking up, if you will) and flipping my bottom hand over so that the palm is touching the topside of the stick (rather then the bottom side, where it would be near for a shot). Hope I explained that well enough. I'll go look for a picture to explain what I mean in case I wasn't clear enough

I would normally take a faceoff exactly how the player in the white is
as rogerrogerroeper just said, that's definitely the bread and butter, but there are definitely situations where you can go into a faceoff with a forehand grip (basically the way you normally hold your stick), and come away with good results.

obviously it depends on which way you're going to want to move the puck and what the other centre is doing. but you might be surprised how effective something as simple as just smacking the puck on your forehand can be from time to time if you have attentive wingers who are on the same page and an opposing centre who isn't particularly observant. obviously it's not something you'll be able to do every faceoff...but another thing to add to your arsenal.

just think...if it's good enough for's probably good enough for you.

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