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08-01-2010, 10:09 AM
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Originally Posted by JayBee View Post
LOL, Only way the Habs are trading Price is if he asks for a trade.

How dumb would it be that they trade both goalies?
Prior to the Halak trade, Gauthier was asked what he'd do with his goalie situation. Well of course, he went on by saying that every option will be analyzed. From not trading them, to trade one of them or trade BOTH OF THEM. You really have to wonder, even if he wanted to explain clearly that EVERY option would be looked at, why the hell would he include trading both of them in there 'cause like you said, it made no sense even to consider it or talk about it.

There's only one reason I would see trading both goalies as an option. That the "rumor" that Halak wanted out no matter what was indeed true. And that they would not be confidence in the possibility to see Price's potential come to fruitition here. Clearly, from everything they're saying, it doesn't appear as to be the case. But did those negotiations went sour? I believe he will get sign and we will see him. But are they suddenly feeling the pressure that Price will be under tremendous pressure as well and might not be able to deliver so might as well get the best you can get before his value drops a little?

All those things are to be considered.......if we would not have had Gauthier and Gainey still on top of this organization. With everything Gainey did to elevate the kid to the #1 goalie. Knowing how Gauthier and Gainey believes in the same things. You still have to believe that Price will always be our #1 goalie....till the public and media go sour on him Roy style, Price then ask for a trade and you know the rest....I just wish whatever happens we never come to that 'cause we all know the value of a trade like that....

And another reason why Price is and will always be their man. They have Auld as their #2 goalie. You don't get an average backup goaltender if your are not sure you don't have an elite goalie to do the #1 job. They surely think Price is already an elite goalie. Unless another elite comes back in a deal, elite that CANNOT equal money 'cause we don't have it, Price isn't going anywhere.

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