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08-01-2010, 12:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Headcoach View Post! It just that, the more you come towards center , coming up the neutral zone from you off wing towards your on wing, you reduce the puck protect opportunity.

Once you come across the blueline at center, in order for you to protect the puck, you will be forced to move into your on wing which will force you into the low goal scoring percentage area...the white zone. Oh, do get me wrong, you can go there, it just that it is taking you out of the high scoring area. and away from the shooting alley.

Head coach
See this is where I think the problem with your post is. BTW, I'm glad you didn't take it as me slamming you.

You're giving him the obvious(to us at least, I'm a coach also) easiest way to protect the puck, which isn't ideal in nearly all situations. I'm thinking he meant protecting the puck in less ideal situations.

Like if he was coming in on his "correct" wing(RH player, RW), obviously he couldn't use the advice BUT he could protect the puck with his body to maintain possession and wait for help or to make an aggressive play. For example, he could do the Gretzky curl and look for a trailer. Or he could cut to the middle and shield off the defender with his back, with the puck on the backhand. If you have more speed, then go around the defender with the puck on the backhand and right arm extended to block his sweep check.... etc..

Do you follow what I'm talking about HC?

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