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08-01-2010, 03:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Bernie Parent 1974 View Post
yes, you'll need Center Ice to get the actual games.

if you are outside of Philly, you can already get the games, but not CSN Philly on Dish / DTV.

if you are in Philly, getting CSN Philly & the games on Dish / DTV will mean you can now drop Comcast Cable, whereas before, inside Philly, getting Dish / DTV for the Flyers was NOT an option.

truly a big deal nationwide

We are talking about CSN (ComcastSporstNet)here... There is also TCN (TheComcastChannel) that carries games not on CSN or local over the air channels. This means a lot when the Flyers and Phillies are playing or Sixers and Flyers or Phillies... There are several Flyers games per season that are on TCN, as well as re-aired games.

The cost of Comcast is going through the roof and increases yearly, and frankly the quality and problems in my area is bothersome... Fios and Satellite Dish are I believe more reasonable and the quality and reception in populated areas without obstruction can't be any worse than Comcast, I'm certain.

When Fios comes to my area I'm seriously thinking about switching... and given a Satellite option I would surley shop around.

I know that Fios already has CSN and it looks like the Satellites may soon also... my question is; Will TCN be available also with CSN? If not I would be facing several missed Flyers game. Since I attend over half the Home Games anyway, the potential saving could be enough to actually purchase the additional TCN games that I wouldn't already be attending.

Bottom line (less wordy version haha)... Is TCN included in this deal?

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