Thread: Speculation: Markstrom -> next Lundqvist?
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08-01-2010, 11:11 PM
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Originally Posted by whoisournextbure View Post
this is getting out of control.... way out..
we're discussing how to solve the potential problem of salaries of players that are not even signed to a contract, and one is not even drafted!
guys i know we will suck this season, but can we please stop speculating about what might happen in 5-7 years if we really really suck this year
There's no harm in looking ahead a little bit. If we don't make any significant improvement with this roster, we could certainly contend for Larsson or Couturier. And some fans are just thinking what the team would look like with either of them. I wouldn't be upset either way, but I prefer Couturier. But you can't go wrong with a possible generational defenseman. Thing is, if you take Larsson, then in 5-7 years you could very well have a problem, even if it's a good problem. You might have a ton of money tied up in your top 3 D. So either you trade the worst of the 3 for offense, or you have a patchwork set of #4-6 d-men you have to be very cheap, thus your D will be very top heavy with those guys playing the large bulk of the minutes. If you don't do one of those two things, then you can't spend a lot on the offense. I have a feeling though that Tallon would take Larsson if he had the choice. As of today, that is. Couturier would have to have a storybook season to surpass Larsson in the eyes of most scouts I would think though. And we still have yet to see what Larsson has up his sleeve for the upcoming year. He could simply dominate everything he touches.

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