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Originally Posted by GCM View Post
On defense, keep your eye on the puck when you try to strip them of it. Don't get distracted by their feet or stick. Trying to read their movements is how you get deked out. Just look for the puck and attack it at all costs.
To the OP, please DON'T look at the puck and try to strip it away if you are on defense. I would probably guess that this is one of the main reasons why you are getting beat while on defense, as I'm sure the other is simply being uncomfortable skating backwards or at all.

Play the body on D, and obviously you wont be lining the guy up for punishment but keep your eyes on his chest and when he closes the gap put yourself in front of him.

Truthfully, in my opinion, most shortcomings in hockey can be remedied with speed. This all goes back to skating, the beautiful equalizer and the barrier between good and great. If you have problems stick handling, try to either cut inside quickly or go hard to the outside. You dont need to be fancy if you can get a stride in front of a guy.

Getting over a bad session is as simple as remembering the basics. We as mortal hockey players have glory in our sites and disappointment constantly in our midst. You are more likely to negate the fundamentals after you feel you've failed on a play, so backcheck hard, make good passes and play smart. If you are on D, make the safe play.Things will work themselves out. Getting too down about certain situations (which I am perhaps most skilled in) will neutralized the excitement you have about playing and negates the reason why you decided to take up hockey. You love to watch and you want to play. Play, and though it gets hard, try to enjoy the learning curve. You will only benefit from it.

Good luck.

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