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2013 UFC and Strikeforce Pickem' standings

Updated after UFC Fight Night: Machida vs Dolloway
Season 5 Standings
northstarsforever 170-86
RJ8812 162-86
End of Line 152-81
Chris Cutter 136-68
Peter Griffin 127-71
thaivnU 132-92
jw2 120-94
cyris 101-50
Mike8 65-34
I am the Liquor 59-34
MurrayBannerman 58-31
Boris Le Tigre 58-35
NyquistIsMyGod* 39-26
Jasper 30-31
Killahpunk 7-5
MBauer 3-2
chaosrevolver 2-3
darko 1-5

Event Winners
Season 1
UFC on Versus 2 Captain_Cunney
UFC 117 alexthekidd, northstarsforever
Strikeforce: Houston mark9, The Rage
UFC 118 and UFC Fight Night: Marquardt vs Palhares Bennyflyers16
WEC 51: DaaaaaB's
Strikeforce: Diaz vs Noons II: Jonathan.
UFC 120: colonel_korn
UFC 121: I am the Liquor, Bennyflyers16
WEC 52: DaaaaaB's
UFC 122: Jonathan.
UFC 123: The Rage, northstarsforever, Cyris, eldiablo 17
Strikeforce: St. Louis: colonel_korn, mark9
TUF 12 Finale: mark9, Cyris, Jonathan., Jasper, ScoreVancouver, Tribal Phoenix, bruinsfan 46, Canadian Commie
UFC 124: colonel_korn, Killahpunk
WEC 53: mark9, colonel_korn

Season 2
UFC 125: RJ8812
UFC Fight For the Troops II: Avs_19, northstarsforever, Score Vancouver, Ensane
Strikeforce: Cyborg vs Diaz: Avs_19, Captain_Cunney, alexthekidd, The Rage, DaaaaaB's, The Big Swede, MikeC44
UFC 126: Randy Marsh, northstarsforever, ScoreVancouver, fong p88. mark9, The Big Swede, TangoMcBride
Strikeforce: Fedor vs Silva: Avs_19, Jasper, northstarsforever, ScoreVancouver, Killahpunk
UFC 127: ScoreVancouver, MikeC44
UFC Live on Versus 3: Ensane
Strikeforce: Feijao vs. Henderson: northstarsforever, Lunaticfringe45, Killahpunk, kurt, maceleod50
UFC 128: mark9, Killahpunk
UFC Fight Night: Nogueira vs Davis: The Rage
Strikeforce: Diaz vs Daley: 17 tied at 3-0-1
UFC 129: ScoreVancouver
UFC 130: colonel_korn
TUF 13 Finale: DeathFromAbove
UFC 131: northstarsforever, I am the Liquor, and colonel_korn
Strikeforce: Overeem vs Verdum: mark9
UFC Live: Kongo vs Berry: Jonathan
UFC 132: I am the Liquor
Strikeforce: Fedor vs Henderson: Spawn
UFC 133: DeathFromAbove
UFC Live on Versus: Hardy vs Lytle: HemskyFreak83
UFC 134: Jonathan, Captain_Cunney, eldiablo17
Strikeforce: Barnett vs Kharitonov: Jonathan, DeathFromAbove, I am the Liquor
UFC Fight Night: Shields vs Ellenberger: ScoreVancouver
UFC 135: The Rage, I am the Liquor, Spawn, colonel_korn
UFC Live: Cruz vs Johnson: m9
UFC 136: Jonathan.
UFC 137: Live in the Now
UFC 138: DaaaaB's, The Rage, macleod50
UFC on FOX 1: shao01, Avs_19
UFC 139: RJ8812
TUF 14 Finale: colonel_korn
UFC 140: ScoreVancouver, maceleod50
Strikeforce: Melendez vs Masvidal: 11 tied at 4-0
UFC 141: Live in the Now

Season 3
Strikeforce: Rockhold vs Jardine: 15 tied at 5-0
UFC 142: Dgill, Live in the Now, shao01
UFC on FX 1: macleod50, DaaaaaB's, Peter Griffin, Killahpunk
UFC on FOX 2: m9, I am the Liquor, RJ8812, The Rage
UFC 143: The Rage, northstarsforever, Killahpunk, colonel_korn
UFC on Fuel 1: Vyse
UFC 144: The Alaskan Assassin
UFC on FX 2: 5 tied at 6-4
Strikeforce: Tate vs Rousey: colonel_korn
UFC on Fuel: Gustafasson vs Silva:: RJ8812, northstarsforever, Captain_Cunney
UFC 145: Avs_19, The Rage, macleod50, m9, colonel_korn
UFC on FOX: Diaz vs Miller: I am the Liquor
UFC on Fuel TV: Korean Zombie vs. Poirier: I am the Liquor,The Rage
Strikeforce: Barnett vs Cormier: 5 tied at 3-1
UFC 146: Captain_Cunney
TUF Live Finale: 9 tied at 7-3
UFC on FX: Johnson vs McCall: 4 tied at 7-5
UFC on FX: Maynard vs Guida: northstarsforever
UFC 147: 3 tied at 4-1
UFC 148: northstarsforever and fong p88
UFC on Fuel Munoz vs Weidman: Peter Griffin
Strikeforce: Rockhold vs Kennedy: 7 tied at 3-1
UFC 149: fong p88, Killahpunk
UFC on FOX 4: DeathFromAbove
UFC 150: RJ8812, gudas
Strikeforce:Rousey vs Kaufman : End of Line
UFC 152: TribalPhoenix, y2kcanucks, End of Line
UFC on Fuel TV: Struve vs Miocic: I am the Liquor
UFC on FX: Browne vs Bigfoot: DaaaaB's
UFC 153: gudas, northstarsforever
UFC on Fuel TV: Franklin vs Le: Captain_Cunney, PierreMcGuire*, northstarsforever
UFC 154: Peter Griffin, HalbertGill
TUF 16 finale: DaaaaaB's
UFC on FX: Sotiropoulous vs Pearson: DaaaaaB's, Boris Le Tigre
UFC 155: DaaaaaB's

Season 4:
Strikeforce: Marquardt vs Saffiedine: Spawn, End of Line, northstarsforever, MeatTornado
UFC on FX: Bisping vs Belfort: MurrayBannerman, Spawn
UFC on FOX: Johnson vs Dodson: AndyPipkin, Live in the Now, DaaaaaB's, northstarsforever
UFC 156: AndyPipkin, Avs_19, Peter Griffin, northstarsforever
UFC on Fuel: Barao vs McDonald: I am Beat You
UFC 157: kurt
UFC on Fuel: Silva vs Stann: MurrayBannerman
UFC 158: DaaaaB's
UFC on Fuel: Mousasi vs. Latifi: Live in the Now, I am Beat You, darko
TUF 17 Finale: Terminator Blue, yakitate304
UFC on FOX Henderson vs Melendez: macleod50
UFC 159: I am the Liquor, macleod50, RJ8812
UFC on FX 8: Belfort vs Rockhold: I am Beat You
UFC 160: Peter Griffin
UFC on Fuel TV: Nogueira vs Werdum: kurt, I am Beat You
UFC 161: Boris Le Tigre
UFC 162: MurrayBannerman
UFC on FOX 8: darko, Avs_19, macleod50, MMANumminen
UFC 163: I am the Liquor
UFC Fight Night: Shogun vs Sonnen: I am the Liquor, TribalPhoenix, Chris Cutter
UFC Fight Night: Condit vs Kampman II: Deen
UFC 164: Peter Griffin (gave it to him because he picked Pettis)
UFC Fight Night: Teixeira vs Bader: MurrayBannerman
UFC 165: northstarsforever
UFC Fight Night: Maia vs Shields: I am the Liquor
UFC 166: kurt
UFC Fight Night: Munoz vs Machida: MurrayBannerman
UFC Fight for the Troops 3: Boris Le Tigre, northstarsforever
UFC Fight Night 32: Belfort vs Henderson: Boris Le Tigre, northstarsforever, Peter Griffin, MurrayBannerman
UFC 167: RJ8812
UFC Fight Night 33: Hunt vs Bigfoot: Jasper, I am the Liquor, Boris Le Tigre, RJ8812
UFC on FOX: Johnson vs Benavidez: RJ8812
UFC 168: Boris Le Tigre
Season 5:
UFC Fight Night 35: Rockhold vs Phillipou: Peter Griffin
UFC on FOX: Henderson vs Thomson: End of Line
UFC 169: northstarsforever
UFC Fight Night: Machida vs Mousasi: RJ8812, northstarsforever
UFC on FOX: Werdum vs Browne: Chris Cutter, jw2
UFC 172: Jones vs Teixeira: Chris Cutter, Boris Le Tigre
UFC Fight Night: Brown vs Silva: thaivuN
UFC 173: Barao vs Dillashaw: NyquistIsMyGod
TUF 3 Brazil Finale: Maldonado vs Miocic: 6 tied at 4-1
UFC Fight Night: Henderson vs Khabilov: Peter Griffin, Cyris
UFC 174: RJ8812
UFC Fight Night: Swanson vs Stephens: Chris Cutter, northstarsforever
UFC 175: End of Line
TUF 19 finale: RJ8812
UFC Fight Night: Cerrone vs Miller: jw2
UFC On FOX: Lawler vs Brown: northstarsforever
UFC Fight Night: Bader vs St. Preux: Cyris
UFC Fight Night: Henderson vs dos Anjos: Chris Cutter
UFC Fight Night: Jacare vs Mousasi: 5 tied at 3-2
UFC 178: Johnson vs Cariaso: Chris Cutter
UFC Fight Night: MacDonald vs Saffiedine: RJ8812, End of Line
UFC 179: Aldo vs Mendes 2: RJ8812
UFC Fight Night: Shogun vs St. Preux: jw2
UFC 180: Werdum vs Hunt: northstarsforever
UFC Fight Night: Edgar vs Swanson: All tied at 4-2
UFC 181: Hendricks vs Lawler II: 4 tied at 8-3
TUF 20 Finale: northstarsforever
UFC on FOX: dos Santos vs Miocic
UFC Fight Night: Machida vs Dolloway: Everyone tied at 5-0

Season 1 Winners:
W-L-T: mark9
Winning %: Bennyflyers16

Season 2 Winners:
W-L-T: The Rage
Winning %: kurt

Season 3 Winners:
Captain_Cunney, northstarsforever

Season 4 Winner:

Season 5 Winner:

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