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08-02-2010, 12:40 AM
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Originally Posted by RESPECT THE SHIELD10 View Post
I'm really sick of the lack of respect for Drury. He scored back to back 20 goal seasons with us and has fit into any role we need. When we had 0 offense 2 years ago he scored 22 goals and 56 pts (good for 3rd on the team in both categories), when we needed a steady 2 way forward Drury stepped up and won 52.9% of his faceoffs and led forwards in the NHL with 97 bocked shots with an average of 3:00 of SH minutes played per game!

He's no Mess but he has been a great leader an a big part of any of the success we had last season.

Let's not confuse a good player who is highly overpaid (Drury)
With a Bad player who has the worst contract in Sports to date (Redden)
I respect you sticking up for Drury, but please save your rambling for somebody else who actually deserves it. I'm a big supporter of Drury's game, just not his contract. I love the fact that he is willing to sacrifice everything every game to help his team win. He does all of the little things right. Penalty kill, defensive play, blocking shots and chips in the occasional goal. Players like that are often favorites of mine, and I really like the way he plays. I never disrespected his play, only the fact that he didn't live up to his contract.

His contract hurts this team from progressing right now, and will continue to until it is off the books. Getting rid of it would be huge for this organization, despite his play.

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