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08-02-2010, 03:56 AM
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I'm not an experianced player by any means, but I can remember my first game.. it was only a month ago. I was nervous also... to fight the feeling I kept telling myself "its the beginner league and no one is expecting anything. we are all beginners so just try and go with the flow"

I research A LOT. I want to be better and know were I am suppose to be and who to cover ect.. I'll easily watch 2 periods of NHL games every day. This healps me feel more confident on the ice. I dont know much about backyard style but I imagine you would already know how the game flows, positions, ect..

If you are playing on a beer league... go out and have fun. and if it is some sort of super serious league, well then i dont know, you might be expected to know what you are doing lol.

AS for lifting the puck, these forums are loaded with information. There is another guy who posts here who I think runs which has tons of information also.

Good luck

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