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04-11-2005, 05:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Albi
I don't want to sound as a homer but I was wondering if Cammy should center the 1st line instead of Spezza. I know Jason has more pts (108 to 105), more assists (79-61), and more SHG (3-2) but in the other categories Cammy has the edge.

Goals: 44 for Cammy, 29 for Spezza
+/-: +25 for Cammy, +15 for Spezza
PPG: 17 for Cammy, 10 for Spezza
GWG: 7 for Cammy, 4 for Spezza

IMO the goals scored is a stat that should have made the difference in favour of Cammalleri. A 15 goal difference is a huge one, also considering:

- Mike had to play with different linemates most of the season and they're not as good as Spezza's ones.
- in the Atlantic division there are 6 of the best 10 goalies in the does make you wonder

When the MVP will be voted? Who do you think deserve it more?
You already know my answer.

Just my 2 cent
They are different style players. Spezza is a more of a playmaker so he's going to get more assists.

I also disagree about linemates. I think they are comparable.

Spezza: Bochenski/Hamel/Kelly
Cammy: Lehoux/Brown/Kostopoulos

We can only hope that the All-Star team (and MVP) are not picked on stats alone.

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