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08-02-2010, 12:48 PM
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You know what, SCREW Dish and DirectTV, let them make their own cable sports show and air it in Philly or wherever they want. If they are worried about not being able to compete with a local cable company because that cable company FUNDS THEIR OWN LOCAL PROGRAMMING, then too freaking bad. If you want Dish, then pay for Center ice, the MLB package, or whatever you want.

Think of it this way, a company you are in direct competition with for public contracts is basically trying to FORCE you to help them take costomers from you. Just imagine if you had your own company that you have worked say 20 years to build up, some new guy opens up a new company across the street from you offering not quite as good of service as you can but the government comes in and FORCES you to hand over 1/2 you clients to the new guy just to help him out. They are saying that it doesn't matter that you spent the last 20 years building your business and repore with your clients, they claim that this gives you an "unfair" advantage and to "level the playing field" you have to help out your competition. That's just ****ing retarded.

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