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08-02-2010, 01:04 PM
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30 posts post-festival and not a single mention of We Are Wolves? They were freaking awesome!

I was on first row for the National. I can now die in peace. It was just so beautiful. Favorite moment were Abel, Squalor Victoria, Mr November and England. Just love the build up in England (and Fake Empire as well), and I love when Matt screams! The CDs are awesome too, but really live he sings differently, he yells.

I was really close of the stage for Weezer, too. The singer came at like one meter from me. It was one of the best show I have ever seen. The MGMT's Kids cover was a nice touch.

The Arcade Fire didn't do anything special for me. Maybe I was too exhausted from the National, and I was far from the stage. Some good moment, especially the encore. Rebellion (lies) and Wake-up were very good, didnt know their other songs a lot so it didnt help.

Other performances I liked throughouts the weekend: Ariane Moffat, Stars, Metric (But I almost didnt heard them. Too bad).

Surprises: The Anttlers (or something like that), catch them before We Are Wolves and they sounded really good.

Dissapointments: Sonic Youth? They were boring, I thought. Gaslight Anthem, I checked their MySpace before going to the show and were thrilled to see them live, but I thought they sound average. They didnt play Great Expectations and it bothered me.

Also saw Ariel, JAPANdroids and part of Snoop Dogg, K'NAAN and Keane.

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