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08-02-2010, 01:05 PM
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Originally Posted by waffledave View Post
Coldplay is a fantastic band and they are one of the few bands I can think of that has put out a literally perfect album. I'm sorry if this upsets some of the music snobs out there but they are a very, very good band and the only reason anybody hates them is because of their popularity. You can try and BS your way out with crappy arguments about how they suck musically but you aren't fooling anybody.
Wow thank you. Also as a musician myself, when you actually play their songs, whether on piano, guitar, drums you really see how talented they are.

The comment I hate most is when people say that Coldplay sounds like everything else when that's not the case, it's actually the reverse, everyone tries to sound like Coldplay. Parachutes and a Rush of Blood were BRILLIANT albums. They got too comfortable with X&Y and was criticized so they changed their style compeletly with viva la vida. As a guitar player myself, the music of that album is so complex with all the effects and layers of arrangements.

I bet Coldplay would be everyone's favorite band if they weren't as big.

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