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08-02-2010, 01:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Koseegin View Post
It's not about attacking. You said Coldplay sucks, which they don't.
This is childish, you cannot have debates with this kind of attitude. You cannot just simply use strawman arguments left and right and claim to have the upper hand. I'm not fighting, i don't know why you are
There's nothing wrong with I said. Because you don't like them, doesn't mean they suck. I don't like rap, but it doesn;t mean it sucks.

I'm not defending myself for anything, it's a band, I'm not apart of it, I listen to the music. The point is just because you don't like a bad doesn't mean they suck.

there's no trap at all. There is no criteria that constitutes good music. There was an a-tonal movement at the turn of the century that was popular. People liked it, others though it was noise...did it suck? That's not for anyone to decide. People like it, then there must be something good about it.
let us not turn this into a debate about Criterion of standards. I have enough of that in graduate school. Osheaga didn't have coldplay- I'm sorry I brought them up at all- lets end this.

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