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04-11-2005, 10:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Le Golie
This is a direct quote from you in that thread:

'the whole point of getting rid of racism is not recognizing race at all...but recognizing these people as human beings.'

Then you go on a rant about how 'Native' hockey is different than any other kind of hockey.

You know what? I've seen it and played in it all my life. What you are saying is true. But the fact that you declare 'Native' hockey different in any way from other hockey shows that you 'recognize race' as you put it - which you call unnacceptable in another breath.

The fact that you take a defensive stand instead of just accept that you come off looking foolish blows my mind. I honestly don't remember seeing a more clear and obvious display of hipocracy.

I'm done with this, your own words are all the evidence needed.
I'll try to explain in terms you can understand...

In that other thread, it was about singling out african american players on a predominant caucasian national team. My comments were directed at any potential prejudice involved. THAT is what I called unacceptable.

This is an entirely different issue. This is not about preventing racial prejudice. The two threads are entirely different issues.

May I also ask what kind of agenda you have against me that made you dig up a 5 month-old thread to respond in this thread?

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