Thread: Speculation: Niemi in Montreal?
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08-03-2010, 12:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Habs View Post
Niemi exceeded his expectations, Price hasn't lived up to his yet. Niemi has a Stanley Cup, last time I checked, Carey was chased out of the playoffs. Niemi took the starting job on his team , Price lost his.

Niemi also stole quite a few games for his team, and never road the talent all the way to the Cup. If a better team meant anything, why did we beat Washington and Pittsburgh?

I'm a Price fan, but can we stop pretending he is the real deal, till he actually delivers on a consistant basis?
Well, if Huet was our Backup and Halak was Niemi's backup, well, you've been watching hockey for a long time, you tell me what would have went down. He doesn't have to be the real deal. People have to understand that not only is Price not always going to be the ebst goalie around, but when he's playing bad, he's still not the worst goalie in the league, and his worst, is a mediocre to average goalie, which is what Niemi is.

But then again, the spectrum froma great goalie to a crap goalie is thin to non-existant. With equipment, and defencemen getting better and better, the only franchise goalie in the league right now are Ryan Miller and Henrik Lundqvist. I don't consider Bryzgalov, Halak, Rask, Brodeur (too old), or anyone to be a go-to goalie. They'll stop the pucks, but they won't steal the show every night like franchise players (Crosby, OV, Malkin, Doughty, etc) do. Even Ryan Miller showed he can't steal the show in the playoffs. Not saying he sucks, but my tl;dr is that in our age, shooters are too good to make a goalie a franchise player, and equipment and defenders are too good to make a goalie look bad.
I guess it's a bell curve with Toskala, Huet and a handfull of backups on one end, 85% of goalies in the middle, and 2 or 3 guys on the other end.

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