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08-03-2010, 02:49 AM
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Originally Posted by buddahsmoka1 View Post
I did some digging around, and we are both kind of right:

So I guess at first they are applied to the cap hit, but if they go over the upper limit, then they are penalized the following year. But if they are under the upper limit and the bonus isn't met then it doesn't count as a penalty.

I donno, kind of confusing, maybe someone could clear it up.
The Bonus cushion works in a similar fashion to LTIR.

The player's cap hit includes all bonuses but the team is allowed to exceed the cap by an amount equal to the player's bonuses (assuming that total bonuses on the team do no exceed the cushion). If a team uses the cushion and the player hits his bonuses then the cap hit is deferred to the next season. See Toews and Rask. If the player does not hit his bonuses, no cap hit is forwarded.

This year the Bruins will be over the cap no matter what. Sturm's LTIR pretty much guarantees that. Seguin's base salary is 900k. To get him on the opening day roster, that is all the space the Bruins need. Obviously this is playing with fire for the Bruins as it is quite reasonable to expect Seguin to hit a number of his bonuses, but ultimately, 900k is all the space they really need.

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