Thread: Speculation: Redden to be waived at end of camp
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08-03-2010, 07:22 AM
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Originally Posted by missionaborted View Post
Hi all:

I have been following the boards for some time but have never posted, so forgive the 1st post ignorance...

As of yesterday, suggests that the Rangers currently have $465,833.00 in space available (with Todd White as a part of the roster.) Obviously, they still have to sign Staal and Lisin (?) so I am wondering about three players:

1. Wade Redden - From what I have read, it is pretty much a sure thing that Redden will be sent to the minors to get rid of his contract (YAY!). My question is WHEN can this happen? I have heard that it cannot happen until after camp, but if the Rangers only have the space that capgeek is citing, how can we sign Staal and possible Lisin without being over the cap by season start?

2. ??? - IF Redden does get demoted (If we are lucky), who is going to take his place on the Roster? Are McDonagh or McIlrath ready in terms of development? Do we try to sign one of the UFAs?

3. Todd White - I am unclear about the status of White. Can he NOT be demoted if he is injured? Will the Rangers actually use / need him in the roster or will he too be buried in the minors if his camp does not go well?

Just a couple of questions that hopefully someone can clarify for me. While not a huge slats fan, I have been happy with his ability to correct mistakes and get rid of the garbage over the past couple of seasons (Gomez, Jokinen, Brashear, Rissmiller)...
Welcome--in regard to 1. Teams can go over the cap limit--something like 10% during the offseason. By opening night they need to be level or below the cap maximum--so by opening night if the wishes of practically every Rangers poster here comes true--Redden will be already AHL bound.

As for 2. McDonagh I think he has a good chance 50-50 of making the team. McIlrath is too young and is headed back to the WHL. Other potentials would be Sauer and Valentenko--both of whom have been injury prone. McDonagh is the best bet of any rookies. As of the moment I don't see them signing any other veterans.

3. Todd White IMO is most likely going to be a Ranger. One season removed from a 70 point season. He's a complimentary player for sure but he's also very capable of playing in all situations--pwp, pk, es. I think the Rangers will make room for him somehow.

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