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08-03-2010, 08:06 AM
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Originally Posted by BoNeS42 View Post
Well, I'd rather not get too excited about signing him rather then cry because we didn't sign him come july 1st. That's what I'm looking at right now :

Gomez / Gionta / Pouliot Breakout year or UFA (That's 12.3 millions without the 3rd player, depending on Pouliot, I put 16millions for that line. That means Pouliot has a great season and we don't have to look for a solid FA for more then 5+)

Cammalleri / Plekanec / Kostitsyn or UFA ( 11millions without counting Kostitsyn. If Kostitsyn is still a Habs by the end of the season, it's because he did well and will get around 5, if not, we gotta look for a UFA because we have no one really ready to step in. )

We're at 32 millions with 6 players already. Now add Eller and Moen for 2.7 millions.

Now take a look at the defense.

Markov if resigned will be for around 5.5
Spacek is 3.8
Subban 875k
Gorges will make around 3.5

We're now at 48,375 millions with 8 forwards and 4 defenseman.

Now comes Price. Let's give him 2.7millions we're at 51.075 and we still need to sign 1 G - 3 D - 5 F

Now you also have to think about the salary that Subban will make the year after since his EL contract will be over and keep space for that.

That's in the worst situation if none of our youngers are able to fill the void on the first 2 lines. If they do then I guess we might have the space. Time will tell, but don't call me dumb because I don't think it's gonna happen, I have a different PoV, that's it.
1- I didn't call you dumb

2- You completely leave out my own analysis and make mistakes in your own.

3- Take my first post with the salaries and go from there, instead of trying to play the teacher and tell me "look at the defense" and stuff like that. With this, you show me that you haven't looked at the post I mentioned, because you would see that I've already mentioned ALL of those things.

4- Subban will probably be one of the only big players to re-sign in 2012, and the cap raise of that season will be sufficient for that

Also, you don't consider Spacek might be let-go, traded, or boughtout, and it would still fit depending on what Habs management are aiming.

Oh, and finally, Gorges won't make 3,5. Posters have argued over this in another thread, and the concensus is around 2/2,5. You are counting UFA money for a guy who will be RFA. I'm usually very good at projecting salaries, my track record is very good for that, so I think I'll trust myself for Gorges next contract rather than your over-inflated 3,5.

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