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08-03-2010, 08:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Filppula View Post
Fact: Wings do make mistakes.
True, but meaningless. A) everyone makes mistakes, B) nobody is saying the Wings don't make mistakes, and C) the inevitability of mistakes is not by definition support of an opposing position, because it would be equally relevant in any discussion about anything, ever.

Fact: He impresses in TC and he still gets turfed.
Enh. That's your opinion. In my opinion, if he beats out Miller or Eaves they'd get rid of them and keep Ritola instead. Also in my opinion, it's unlikely that happens because Miller and Eaves are better overall, and definitely better than Ritola in the third-fourth line roles in question.

That will likely result in Ritola getting waived, possibly claimed, and hopefully (for him) going on to have a decent NHL career somewhere else.

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