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Originally Posted by Matt4776 View Post
I am looking to start playing hockey, and I am going to start with Roller before I get into ice. First off, what is the main difference between composite and wood sticks? How tall should they be on my body when I stand it up?

Also, I am a righty in everything I do. Does that mean I shoot righty? I always assumed that but some guy told me that would mean I shot lefty.. which makes sense because there are so many left-handed shots in the NHL. On the website I was on looking at sticks, a lot of them are only available in lefty shots.

All help/advice would be appreciated. Thanks :/

196 posts on a HOCKEY website, but you never played? strange, but whatever. :-)

anyway, good choice, first off. ive been playing for about 15 years and i loved every shift ive ever played. im no expert when it comes to sticks. alot of what you will hear as far as equipment goes is "guidelines". alot of it is preference too. some people say you can "feel" the puck on a wood stick better than composite. composites tend to be lighter, but are more expensive and depending on the model, they are less durable.

as far as stick height goes, i was always told that when you stand the stick up in front of you, it should come to your mouth with your skates on. again...preference, because i prefer my stick to be a tad longer as a forward instead of "D".

the curve of your stick is all about your technique. dont alter your technique to accommodate a curve, rather, find one that works for your technique. with you being a beginner, i say find a decent wood stick or two (gotta have a backup) and see what works for you.

if you are right handed, i would say its a safe bet that you will play hockey righty as well. find a broom and pretend it is a hockey stick. try holding it on both sides of your body like you are playing hockey and see which is more comfortable. look at different models from different manufacturers. im sure righty sticks are out there. im right handed and have no trouble finding right handed sticks.

whatever you do, whichever hand ends up being your top hand, NEVER take it off the end of the stick!! i see kids beginners playing hockey and they look like ninja turtles skating around with their bow staff in their hands. haha.

i hope that helps. im sure other posters will have other inputs, but remember, thats their PREFERENCE. you need to be comfortable out there, and you need to find what works for YOU.


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