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08-03-2010, 07:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Bernie Parent 1974 View Post
non philly residents already get that. they just can't get CSN Philly.

Philly residents: may [repeat may] have an issue for the 8 or so TCN games. TCN has not been mentioned. we also do not know if TCN games would be blacked out in Philly [because they normally air on CSN] I think it depends on if TCN games are transmitted with Satellite technology [as most CSN games are].

as for your debate about monopolies etc etc, I'm not interested in debating you. I'm just reporting the latest updates.
Sorry, I was more in the mood for a light-hearted discussion... not a debate.

Opinions aside, my point was that I fear Comcast will play hardball and withhold those TCN games unless forced by the Government to make them also available... Also my point was that I would not be interested in paying more by buying Center Ice; my aim is to lower my Cable bill without missing ANY Philadelphia sports team game that I want to see.

My barber recently switched to FIOS and at that time I believe I asked him about CN8/TCN and he said he didn't have it... I suppose he could have been mistaken, being the service was new to him, or my memory is incorrect... What I'd like to know, in order to weigh any future options, is what is included in the Comast negotiations and what they had to allow FIOS to provide their customers. Capitalism is not in play here, my viewing options are.

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