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08-03-2010, 08:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Steelhead16 View Post
First of all you shouldn't be having to bat pucks out of the air. Shots from the point with people in front of the net should be on the ice. That being said there are circumstances that require a point shot or shot pass to be elevated. When that happens I don't even bother trying to tip it with my stick. No matter how good you are at it you will never get even close to half of them on the net even if a defenseman isn't tying up your stick (which they should be). I try and use my legs/feet/elbows, all of which are a lot bigger than my stick and not being tied up by someone. I try and screen the goalie and then ready myself for a number of options. Puck deflects off me and on net and hits the goalie (I or a teammate bang at a rebound) Puck gets by and hits the goalie (I or a teammate bang at a rebound) Puck hits me and drops down (I or a teammate bang a shot on goal). Either way I don't wave at a puck with a small stick and miss and watch the puck go into the corner. Your odds are way better for scoring a goal from 4 feet in front of the net on an off balance goalie than you do trying to bat a waist high puck out of the air and into the net.

Trust your gear and if the puck leaves a welt and you score a goal, well the goal stays and the welt will heal.
Think you might have misunderstood, I "bat" pucks out of the air on defense, and only if it's one that's fairly easy. I'd hate to tip one in on my own goalie

All of that is great advice, but I'm already doing that stuff. I'm just trying to add another element to my net presence by getting better at tipping. If I can't, I always have that stuff you mentioned to fall back on, but I'm trying to better myself little by little and that's one thing I feel that is missing from my game that is important to how I play.

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