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Originally Posted by Fitzy Duke of NY View Post
As has been said, a lot of fans relate to Avery, because he acts as a medium to which they can insert their frustration and anger into the game. The truth is, this is because Avery is as immature and lacks self control to the same extent as they do.

Some fans like Avery because he is a hard hitting 3rd liner who hustles. There is nothing wrong with that, in fact I dont mind Avery on the third line. I just never hear Callahan's name chanted nearly as often.

Most players who took 3 minor penalties in a vital playoff game would be booed, and the coach would be appraised for benching them. Not Sean. He seems to be given an unlimited leash for minor penalties because he is "getting under the opponents skin." For every minor penalty Sean draws, he takes two.

Which leads me to my final point. Avery is at his best when he is "neutered" as it has been dubbed by the Hfboards community. He plays a solid 3rd line role, backchecks, makes plays, and doesn't take dumb **** penalties after the whistle. He also doesn't make an embarrassment of himself in front of the league anymore ala

Making graphic comments to a woman in the stands
Using a demeaning term to the media about an ex girlfriend
Getting kicked off an NHL franchise.
What are you a ****ing shrink?

Some of us just like the way he plays hockey.

He's not at his best when he's neutered. We saw that last year. He wasn't himself.

Again, you can think anything you want about him but you can't deny that he's a third liner who has been asked to play above his head a ton of times with this team and has done a fine job when he's in the lineup.

And no one cares about him talking **** about ex girlfriends or saything things to women. This isn't the ACLU board.

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