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08-04-2010, 10:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Gros Bill View Post
The Montreal Gazette, that noted bastion of Québec nationalism, ran a "Sound Off" column in last Sunday's edition. The title was "Markov Should Learn Some French". Now, had that piece been in La Presse, I'm sure we would have been bombarded with threads calling for tar and feathers for the "French" media and lamenting their hidden nationalistic agenda, with the usual references to their incompetence and bias. But it was the Gazette, the newspaper who routinely refers to Jean Béliveau as "John", to the great relief of those who can't bring themselves to say, nay read, a word in French.

Just for you Ozy, the writer was Stu Cowan, who is Sports Editor at the Gazette. Horrors! Don't bother writing them, though, as I'm sure lots of readers who share your mind-set will have already responded with their usual huffing and puffing about the downtrodden Montreal anglos.

As for the team captaincy, I'd be surprised if Brian Gionta isn't anointed with the honour, but I have no sources for that.
I'm as pissed at them and I have often did the same with many English journalists as well, but not for the same reasons. I **** Todd, McGuire, Stock. Nice that you can only see one side of the medal. I've often said I dislike most sports journalists in Montreal whether they'd be anglos or francos. I dislike them for different reasons, and you can't deny the particular segment of French journalists/panelists/collumnists who bring the language question more often than not.

But now they are acting as bad on THIS particular, brewing **** that doesn't even need to be brought up.

Are you actually agreeing that they should bring this up? Or are you just blindly thinking my hate for the sports mediots in Montreal is exclusively towards the french who promote a political view through a hockey team?

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