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04-12-2005, 03:46 PM
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When the Eagles signed TO, I was one of the first to defend him because he isn't a "bad guy" (drugs, murder, etc) and went out and played hard game after game.

Now, however, my opinion of him has greatly changed. I find his public outcry wanting a new deal to be offensive. Did he give back his salary in the games while he was injured and couldn't play? Did Joe Banner withhold his paychecks while he was injured?

I don't understand why players cannot honor their contracts and demand to renegotiate when they have a good season. Do owners demand to renegotiate after a player has a lousy season? It truly makes watching professional sports difficult to watch when guys are complaining because they are only making x million dollars per season.

I know that he is an outspoken guy, but his comments about not being the one who was tired in the Super Bowl was really out of line.

The bottom line is that the Eagles aren't going to cave in to TO's demands. They haven't in the past and they aren't going to start now. That being said, he will either sit out and pout or he will play under the terms of the contract that he signed last season. is offline