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Originally Posted by PuckHogs29 View Post
I've seen goalies use player skates, but I personally never would. I have such an awareness of my equipment that I just know when something is off. The other side to that is that goalie skates are obviously built with the goalie in mind, I can't see regular skates being conducive to goalie movemements.

Other than that if it really interests you give it a shot. It'll probably be rough at first like any position transition is, but you'll get used to it. Practice practice practice. See if there are clinics near you that offer goalie instruction. I mean come on you live in Canada, isn't there a rink on every street corner?

Good luck!
I'm just curious about the skates safety-wise. I like my toes intact. The team is desperate for a goalie so having the correct skates for proper movement isn't the #1 concern. Also is there any problem with using used pads or would a wash help things (*cough* goalie jock strap *cough*).

And ya, I live down the street from a glorious placed called 8 rinks. Guess how it got its name

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