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08-04-2010, 03:20 PM
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Recent convert here myself. In the 2-3 months I've been at it I've taken 1 shot that I was glad I had goalie skates on. Stung like a ***** but if it'd been regular skates I'd have had a broken foot. Most saves that have hit my skates have been off the blade. Granted different pads cover different amounts of your skates.

Drop the money on a used pair; the skates were the only part of my equipment I bought used and I found a pair of Bauer Reactor 5000s in excellent condition at Play It Again for $60 (Looking around at GSBB/ebay I got a steal). Just make sure there's plenty of blade left. The extra protection is worth it and they're much more conducive to playing in net. I tried to go with my regular skates once when I forgot the goalie skates and it was extremely awkward. Not to mention while I've only felt the one shot; there could be a multitude more that I didn't even notice off the boot itself because the protection was there.

As for cleaning the pads, as one poster said, kill it with fire. Something in me made me buy almost everything new just due to the huge amounts of sweat that pours into goalie pads I couldnt bring myself to buy used.

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