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10-02-2003, 02:13 PM
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Originally Posted by jrhockey1
You guys compain about everything, i grew up on the island, and this is my honest opinion canucks fans are the most biast fansn in the league. You call this person down and brag about calling him a troll, as far as i can see your a troll for having double standards like that. Then again what should i expect on this board!
if you were here to see Kurupt's posts i doubt you'd be saying this. it is obvious his intents were never to participate in discussion, rather to start up trash talking. if i was to go to the board of your favorite team, and call your GM and best players names in threads that had nothing to do about it, i'm sure you wouldn't appreciate it very much either. if there was a thread about Burke, and Kurupt said he didn't like Burke because he thinks he whines too much... that would be fine. opinions are opinions. however, when there's a thread about who has impressed you from camp, and he uses that thread to bash Burke and other Canucks, then it becomes trolling.

he has made fun of Burke, Bertuzzi, our 2001 playoff loss to Colorado, the Sedins, etc in threads about:

- The CBA
- Player impressions in the pre-season
- Prospects
- Press conference about lotto tickets

he didn't do it in an opinionative manor either. "Bertuzzi is a big cry baby and so is his GM" as a post in threads like CBA talks deffinately aren't of a classy taste. there is no doubt Kurupt was trolling.

if you would frequent the Canucks board you'd find out in a hurry that we are one of the most hospitible sections of this board. we frequently involve and invite fans from other teams in game night threads and chats when we play against them, and we always get along quite well.

the thing that sets hfboards above the other's is it's sense of community. posters like Kurupt just lower the standards and degrade the forum.

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