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08-04-2010, 06:01 PM
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Originally Posted by saints96 View Post
Yes we do know that for certain. Practically everyone grasps that concept that if we sign halak, we dont sign pleks, why cant you understand this? Simple moves could have been made? Its easy to say that simples moves could have been made while your sitting in your chair at home expecting things to just be done. Since you seem to know what your talkin about it, what simple moves could have been done? i want specifics, what would you have done? As for managments ''obsession'' (i think faith is the correct word) with price, they along with many hockey minds have made up their minds and are firm to believe that Price will be the better goalie in the end. I can guarantee that they never had any intentions of getting rid of Price and it was only logical to predict that Halak would be the one to be gone. And im gonna have to agree with the organization. Yes its a shocker to some that the ''playoff hero'' has been traded, but get over it already.
This is the same organization that put its "faith" into an undersized second line center for close to two decades. We went from having arguably the best goaltending situation in the league three months ago to only having a fringe NHL'er under contract with our only #1 hope being "not necessarily close" to signing a contract.

As for how we could of accommodated both Halak and Price? This has been done. Capgeek has us at around 4.1 million in cap space. Take away Auld's 1 million, and that puts us at 5.1 million. Bury Laraque in the minors rather than buying him out, and that puts us at 5.6 million. Then take away Eller's 1.3 million at that puts us with 6.9 million to sign both goalies and a bottom-6 center.

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